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You at CSU:

“At-Risk” is an online, interactive training for faculty and staff to learn the common indicators of psychological distress and how best to approach an at-risk student:

“Notice & Respond” is an informational resource from the CSU Health Network in educating what to notice and how to respond to an individual in crisis:

Adult Learner and Veteran Services:

Student Legal Services (employees use the Employee Assistance Program):



Free Transfort bus rides with your RamCard:

Rec Center

$7.50 meals for employees (grad students are considered employees)at dining centers on campus, with The Foundry as the closest location to the Physics building:

Off-campus discounts, including 10% off purchases at Safeway on Fridays and Denver Airport Wally Park special rates, :

Other opportunities for CSU employees, including study privilege for full-time employees, athletic season ticket discounts, and the employee assistance Program:


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