Department News

You’re invited to the Little Shop of Physics Leap Day Open House, Feb. 29

The day will feature over 300 family-friendly science activities and presentations.

Improving solar cells’ back-contact is goal of $3.5 million DOE project

A CSU team is leading an effort to make cadmium-telluride solar cells even more efficient by focusing on a classic engineering bottleneck in their design.

Innovating throughout history: College of Natural Sciences

Take a look back at key moments in the history of the College of Natural Sciences.

Creating more energy efficient memory for the devices of the future

Dr. Mingzhong Wu, along with fellow researchers, discovered a major advancement in physics that could mean more energy efficient magnetic storage.

Department Highlights

CSU’s QuarkNet Center Highlighted

CSU’s QuarkNet Center was highlighted in the national newsletter. Nice work, team! Read the spotlight for more information here.

Professor Jim Sites honored as William R. Cherry Award Winner

The 2020 IEEE William Cherry Award to be presented at the 47th IEEE PVSC to Professor James Sites. Sites began his photovoltaics career 45 years ago with cells made by ion-beam sputtering of indium–tin–oxide

Colloquium: Joseph Zadrozny

“Understanding and Controlling Magnetic Relaxation in Highly Magnetic Environments” Joseph Zadrozny Colorado State University Monday, March 9th at 4:00pm 120 Engineering (Hammond Auditorium) Magnetic environments are ubiquitous in the many applications of

ICARUS chases a fourth neutrino

Professor Bob Wilson, deputy spokesperson of ICARUS, is on the team looking for the fourth neutrino. Learn more about the work being completed at Fermilab.

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