[caption id="attachment_1597" align="alignleft" width="176"]A student volunteer helps with a demonstration. A student volunteer helps with a demonstration.[/caption] The Little Shop of Physics (LSOP), along with meteorologists from 9News, entertained and educated 10,000 elementary school children from the Denver metro area at the Colorado Rockies' annual Weather & Science Day on April 24. Brian Jones, the LSOP director, was joined by College of Natural Sciences Dean Jan Nerger, Department of Physics Chair John Harton, and many student volunteers for the event. In late 2012, the LSOP crew was asked by the Colorado Rockies to consider putting on a show for Weather and Science Day - a day when as many as 10,000 kids would come to the ballpark for an afternoon of baseball, preceded by a science program. We said we would, but only if they would let us do something a bit different. We were willing to do a show, but we wanted the program to incorporate a hands-on component. We wanted each student to have a bag of science stuff, and we wanted to have demonstrations and activities run by 100 Colorado State University student volunteers in the stands. Read the rest of the story by LSOP director Brian Jones here.
A photo of the balloon demonstration Photo of the balloon demonstration Photo of the balloon demonstration

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