EC_E10Physics major Erin Conley has been awarded a Jack and June Richardson scholarship. The prestigious Richard scholarships recognize students with the potential for a significant future contribution and strong relationships with faculty mentors – specifically they are “to provide scholarship assistance to two or more of the very best full-time undergraduate students who are in the University Honors Program at Colorado State University”. Erin has been working in Prof. Norm Buchanan’s group since Fall 2014 where she has been developing a comparative analysis of prototype photon detectors using data collected at CSU as well as that collected at Fermilab. Erin has also been involved with writing data acquisition software and with data collection. Erin’s work will provide important inputs to a technology selection process that is part of the photon detector development plan for the DUNE far detector. Buchanan serves as Erin’s honors thesis adviser and the photon detector work will provide the basis of Erin’s honors thesis.

Congratulations Erin!

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