The Department of Physics at Colorado State University is home to 22 faculty members who maintain research programs in Atomic and Molecular Optics physics, Condensed Matter Physics, High-Energy Particle Physics and Particle Astrophysics, and Theoretical Physics. In addition to their involvement in world-class research, Department Faculty take pride in teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and mentoring students in the research environment.

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The search for nothing at all

If discovered, neutrinoless double-beta decay would solve longstanding mysteries about the basic properties of neutrinos, which are among the most abundant but least understood particles in the universe.

Little Shop of Physics draws 8,000 visitors to annual open house

On Feb. 23, LSOP hosted its biggest ever open house, drawing a crowd of 8,000 visitors.

Little Shop of Physics to host 28th annual open house

On Saturday, Feb. 23, the Little Shop of Physics will host its 28th annual open house.

‘They’re working beautifully’: Photon detectors built at CSU see first light

ProtoDUNE is the critical testing and validation precursor to DUNE, which is scheduled to start taking neutrino data in approximately 2026. CSU researchers are working on the first of two ProtoDUNE cryostats.

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