Colloquia 2012-2015

Spring 2015

Colloquia begin at 4:00. Refreshments are served at 3:45 (15 minutes prior to each colloquium).

Date Room Title Speaker
Mon 1/26 120 Engr. The Search for Majorana neutrinos with EXO-200 and nEXO Bill Fairbank (CSU)
Mon 2/2 120 Engr. High-L Rydberg levels with the RESIS method Steve Lundeen  (CSU)
Mon 2/9 120 Engr. Quantum Spin Ice and Emergent Electrodynamics Kate Ross (CSU)
Fri 2/20 120 Engr. Testing Standard Model Symmetries with Cold Antiprotons and Trapped Antihydrogen Gerald Gabrielse (Harvard)
Mon 2/23 120 Engr. Can CZTS Live up to its Promise? : Perspectives from Defect Spectroscopies Michael Scarpulla (U. Utah)
Mon 3/2 120 Engr. How I applied what I learned at CSU: Lidar at the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory Raul Alvarez (NCAR,Boulder)
Mon 3/9 120 Engr. Microwave Near-Field Imaging of Low-Dimensional Systems Pavel Kabos (NIST, Boulder)
Mon 3/16 No colloquium Spring Break
Mon 3/23 120 Engr. Super-Repellent Surfaces: Design & Applications Arun Kota (Mech. Engr. CSU)
Mon 3/30 120 Engr. Students only CSU Physics Colloquia Grad students (CSU):    Chris Rich (Chem) Grant Riley (Physics) Sanaz Sadegh (ECE/Bio) Ilya Kuznetsov (ECE)
Mon 4/6 120 Engr. The Current State of Spin-Torque Magnetic Memories: An Insider Viewpoint Michael Schneider (NIST, Boulder)
Mon 4/13 120 Engr. Reforming Introductory Physics Instruction at a Research University: The Illinois Experience Gary Gladding (U. Illinois)
Mon 4/20 120 Engr. Spin orbit torques in magnetic/nonmagnetic bilayers Prof. Xin Fan (Denver U.)
Mon 4/27 120 Engr. Controlling ultrafast spatio-temporal dynamics with spatial chirp Charles Durfee (Colorado School of Mines)
Mon 5/4 120 Engr. NOvA: The (Weak) Force is Strong with This One Luke Corwin (South Dakota School of Mines)

Spring 2013

Colloquia begin at 4:00. Refreshments are served at 3:45 (15 minutes prior to each colloquium).

Date Room Title Speaker
Thu 1/24 120 Engr. Revealing spin dynamics in semiconductors by “spin noise” spectroscopy (Li Abstract)
Yan (Sarah) Li, Los Alamos National Lab
Mon 1/28 120 Engr. Control of Magnetic Properties across Metal to Insulator Transitions (de la Venta Abstract) Jose de la Venta, UC San Diego
Thu 1/31 LSC 220-222 1,2,3 many: electronic structures of layered graphenes (Henriksen Abstract) Erik Henriksen, Caltech
Mon 2/4 120 Engr. Unusual Electronic Behavior in Materials (Butch Abstract) Nick Butch, Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Mon 2/11 120 Engr. Quantum Technology (Scholten Abstract) Robert Scholten, University of Melbourne
Mon 2/18 120 Engr. Mode and size dependent damping in magnetic nanostructures (Nembach Abstract) Hans Nembach, NIST-Boulder
Mon 2/25 120 Engr.

What role do defects play in the laser damage behavior of ion beam sputtered metal oxides?

Carmen Menoni, CSU
Mon 3/4 120 Engr. Toward a Quantitative Continuum Model for Irradiation-Induced Morphology Evolution (Norris Abstract) Scott Norris, SMU
Mon 3/11 120 Engr. Current Current-Induced Torques in Magnetic Materials (Kent Abstract)
Andrew Kent, New York University
Mon 3/18 Spring Break – No Colloquium
Mon 3/25 120 Engr. Glass Transitions In and Out of Equilibrium (Berthier Abstract) Ludovic Berthier
Mon 4/1 120 Engr. Ultrafast Coherent X-Ray Beams on a Tabletop and Applications in Nano and Materials Science (Murnane Abstract)
Margaret Murnane, University of Colorado – Boulder
Mon 4/8 120 Engr. Applications of Extreme Ultraviolet tabletop lasers to nanopatternig and high resolution imaging (Marconi Abstract)
Mario Marconi, Colorado State University
Mon 4/15 120 Engr. J-PARC as Intensity Frontier (Ikeda Abstract) Yujiro Ikeda
Mon 4/22 120 Engr. Fluid Dynamics Paul Romatschke
Mopn 4/29 120 Engr.

Controlling Spin Waves with Electric Fields and Pure Spin Currents (Krivorotov Abstract)

Ilya Krivorotov, University of California – Irvine
Mon 5/6 120 Engr. Minhyea Lee, University of Colorado – Boulder
Mon 5/13 Final Exams – No Colloquium

Fall 2012

Colloquia begin at 4:00. Refreshments are served at 3:45 (15 minutes prior to each colloquium).

Date Room Title Speaker
Thu 8/27 120 Engr.

Ion Sources and the Nano-Scale: Collision of Physics with Engineering

Dr. John Williams
Mon 9/10 120 Engr.

Nano-Scale Imaging

Dr. Carmen Menoni, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, CSU
Thu 9/17 LSC 220-222

Magnetodynamics and magnetostatics in nano-scale structures and spintronic materials.

Dr. Michael Pechan,
Professor and Chair, Department of Physics, Miami University.
Mon 9/24 120 Engr.

Controlling spin waves with electric fields and pure spin currents

Dr. Ilya Krivorotov, Associate Professor, Physics & Astronomy, University of California, Irvine
Mon 10/1 120 Engr.

Cosmic Ray Antiprotons, Electrons and Positrons: The Dark Side

Dr. Jonathan Ormes,
Research Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Denver.
Mon 10/8 120 Engr.

Nano-Scale Imaging

Prof. Carl Patton, Professor, Department of Physics, CSU
Mon 10/15 120 Engr.

Advances in Photovoltaic Research and Impact on Technology

Prof. James Sites, Department of Physics, Colorado State University.
Mon 10/22 120 Engr.

Ultracold Atoms and Quantum Optics

Dr. James Thompson, Associate Fellow at JILA, Assistant Professor Adjoint, Department of Physics, CU Boulder
Mon 10/29 120 Engr.

The Little Bang: Understanding the Quark Gluon Plasma

 Dr. Christine Nattrass.
Mon 11/12 120 Engr

Revealing the Properties of Dark Matter

Dr. Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins,
Einstein Postdoctoral Fellow, California Institute of Technology.
Mon 11/ 120 Engr.
Mon 11/ 120 Engr.
Mon 12/ 120 Engr.

 Spring 2012

Date Room Title Speaker
Mon 1/23 Optical Multidimensional Fourier Transform Spectroscopy Steven Cundiff
JILA, Nat’l. Inst.Standards & Tech & U of CO
Mon 1/30 Towards High-Performance Portable Atomic Clocks Elizabeth Donley
NIST – Boulder
Mon 2/6 Molecular Monolayers as Interacting Rolling Balls: Crystals, Liquid and Vapor Vakhtang Putkaradze
Dept. of Mathematics & Biomedical Engr.
Mon 2/13 120 Engr. Ultracold Neutral Plasma Resonant Response to Few-Cycle Radio-Frequency Pulses Jacob L. Roberts
Dept. of Physics, CSU
Mon 2/20 120 Engr. picoSpin: Miniature NMR Spectrometers for Fun and Profit John Price
Mon 2/27 120 Engr. Universal Insights into Few-Body Systems Chris H. Greene
Mon 3/5 120 Engr. Going Beyond the Traditional Nuclear Shell Model with the Study of Neutron-Rich (Radioactive) Light Nuclei Fred Sarazin
Colorado School of Mines
Mon 3/19 Neutrino Mass and Mixing: The Experimental View Eric D. Zimmerman
Univ. of Colorado at Boulder
Mon 4/2 Synthesis and Characterization of Intermetallics in the Solid-State Robin T. Macaluso
University of Northern Colorado
Mon 4/9 Applications of Single Molecule Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Microscopy in the Study of Nanomaterials and Biopolymers Alan Van orden
CSU Dept. of Chemistry
Mon 4/16 Fabrication and Characterization of Nanoscale Structures Wenyong Wang
Univ. of Wyoming
Mon 4/23 Waveforms for Gravitational Wave Astronomy Lee Lindblom
Thurs 4/26 Quantum Effects and Slow Waves in High Intensity Laser Propagation H.M. Milchberg
Univ. of Maryland
Mon 4/30 Soft Magnetic Thin Film Applications At Radio Frequencies Masahiro Yamaguchi
Tohoku University – Japan