Fall 2017

Colloquia will begin at 4:00. Refreshments are served at 3:45 (15 minutes prior to each colloquium).  Colloquium Chair: Jose de la Venta (

Date Place Title Speaker
Mon 8/21  120 Engr. Cancelled due to Eclipse  Jacob Roberts (Physics Dept Chair)
Mon 8/28  120 Engr. Ultrafine Grained Precipitation Hardened Aluminum Alloy  Kaka Ma (CSU ME) 
Mon 9/4  120 Engr.  Labor Day  No Speaker
Mon 9/11  120 Engr. Relativistic Nanoscale Ultrahigh Energy Density Physics  Jorge Rocca (CSU ECE)
Mon 9/18  120 Engr.   Many Body Localization and Thermalization   Rahul Nandkishore (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Mon 9/25  120 Engr. Controlling Materials at the Nanoscale with Ion Migration  Dustin Gilbert (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Mon 10/2  120 Engr. Enabling High Energy Physics through Modern Computing  Andrew Norman (Fermilab)
Mon 10/9  120 Engr.   Chalcogenide Compounds as Emerging Semiconducting Materials  Hao Zeng (SUNY Buffalo)
Mon 10/16  120 Engr.  A Research-Validated Approach to Transforming Upper-Division Physics Courses  Steve Pollock (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Mon 10/23  120 Engr. Preparation and Coherent Manipulation of Pure Quantum States of a Single Molecular Ion Dietrich Leibfried (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Mon 10/30  120 Engr. How Can You Cool a Molecule to near absolute zero – and why would you want to?    Michael Morrison (University of Oklahoma)
Mon 11/6  120 Engr. Search for Charge-Parity Violation in Neutrino Oscillations and Recent T2K Results    Walter Toki (CSU Physics)
Mon 11/13  Lory Student Center 350AB Recent Advances on Magnetic Skyrmions Albert Fert (Nobel Laureate) at 7:00 PM
Mon 11/20  120 Engr.  Fall Break – Thanksgiving No speaker
Mon 11/27  120 Engr. More than Moore    Meenakshi Singh (Colorado School of Mines)
Mon 12/4  120 Engr. Nanoscale Surface Patterning by Non-Equilibrium Self-Assembly of Ion-Induced Cacancies and Ad-Atoms  Stefan Facsko (Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf)

Spring 2017

Colloquia will begin at 4:00. Refreshments are served at 3:45 (15 minutes prior to each colloquium).  Colloquium Chair: Jacob Roberts (

Date Place Title Speaker
Mon 1/23 120 Engr. A Synthetic Quantum Magnet Made of Hundreds of Trapped Ions  John Bollinger (NIST, Boulder) 
Mon 1/30 120 Engr.  Recent Findings on Laser Plasma Formation and Combustion Ignition Azer Yalin (CSU)
Mon 2/6 120 Engr. Noncollinear Antiferromagnetic Spintronics Hua Chen (University of Texas at Austin) 
Mon 2/13 120 Engr. Harnessing Structural Complexity to Engineer New Mulitfunctional Oxides Beth Nowadnick (Cornell University) 
Mon 2/20 120 Engr. No public colloquium – PH 692 students only Jacob Roberts (CSU Physics)
Mon 2/27 120 Engr. From the Neutrino Mass to the Origin of the Elements: Probing our Universe with Rare-Isotopes Kyle Leach (Colorado School of Mines)
Mon 3/6 120 Engr. Solar Cell Analysis with Optical Spectroscopy and Microscopy  Darius Kuciauskas (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
Mon 3/13 120 Engr. Spring Break No Speaker
Mon 3/20 120 Engr. Optical Lattice Clocks Roger C. Brown (NIST)
Mon 3/27 120 Engr. Atomic Clock and Quantum Matter    Jun Ye (JILA and the University of Colorado)
Mon 4/3 120 Engr. Imaging Spins in Motion Kristen Buchanan (CSU Physics)
Mon 4/10 120 Engr. Entanglement of 3000 Atoms by One Photon  Vladan Vuletic (MIT)
Mon 4/17 120 Engr. The Hall Effects Edwin Hall Never Imagined Xiaofeng Jin (Fudan University) 
Mon 4/24 120 Engr.  Neutrino Nus Heidi Schellman (Oregon State) 
Mon 5/1 120 Engr. No Colloquium No Speaker

Fall 2016

Colloquia will begin at 4:00. Refreshments are served at 3:45 (15 minutes prior to each colloquium). Colloquium Chair: Jacob Roberts (

Date Place Title Speaker
Mon 8/22 120 Engr. Physics Dept Introductions Jacob Roberts (CSU)
Mon 8/29 120 Engr. Leveraging Optical Nonlinearities for Biological Imaging Contrast Jesse Wilson (CSU)
Mon 9/5 120 Engr. University Holiday No Speaker 
Mon 9/12 120 Engr. Function Estimation with Shape and Smoothness Assumptions Mary Meyer (CSU)
Mon 9/19 120 Engr. The Magnetism of Oxides Josep Fontcuberta (Institut de Ciència de Materials deBarcelona) 
Mon 9/26 120 Engr. Torque-mixing Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Mark Freeman
(University of Alberta and National Institute of Nanotechnology)
Thur 9/29  221 TILT Admissions Criteria and Diversity in STEM Graduate Programs Casey Miller (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Mon 10/3 120 Engr. Light with a Twist: An Introduction to Twisted Light with Orbital Angular Momentum Mark Siemans (University of Denver) 
Mon 10/10 120 Engr. Insight into Characterization Measurements in Thin-film Solar Cells with Numerical Simulations Ana Kavence
(National Renewable Energy Laboratory) 
Mon 10/17 120 Engr. Colloidal Crystals of Semiconductor and Metal Nanoparticles  Ivan Smalyukh
(University of Colorado, Boulder) 
Mon 10/24 120 Engr. Searching for Supersymmetry at the LHC Kevin Stenson (University of Colorado, Boulder) 
Mon 10/31 120 Engr. Cancelled No Speaker
Mon 11/7 120 Engr. Ferromagnetic Resonance: Applications and Instrumentation for the Development of Spintronic Technologies Eric Edwards (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Mon 11/14 120 Engr. Quantum Networks with Atoms and Photons Chris Monroe (Joint Quantum Institute)
Mon 11/21 120 Engr. University Holiday  No Speaker
Mon 11/28 120 Engr. Prospects for Using Magnetic Insulators in Spintronics Mingzhong Wu (CSU)
Mon 12/5 120 Engr. Double Beta Decay and the MAJORANA Project Steven Elliot (Los Alamos National Lab) 

Spring 2016

Colloquia will begin at 4:00. Refreshments are served at 3:45 (15 minutes prior to each colloquium).  Colloquium Chair: Mark Bradley (

Date Place Title Speaker
Mon 1/25 120 Engr. Spin transport, condensation, and superfluidity in magnetic insulators Yaroslav Tserkovnyak (UCLA)
Mon 2/1 120 Engr. Atomistic Modeling of Thin Film Deposition George Gilmer (CSM)
Mon 2/8 120 Engr. Magnetics + Mechanics + Nanoscale = Electromagnetics Future Greg Carman (UCLA)
Mon 2/15 120 Engr. Physics of protein folding and its relation to evolution and cellular laws Kingshuk Ghosh (DU)
Mon 2/22 120 Engr. Spin current: the torque wrench of spintronics Mark Stiles (NIST Gaithersburg)
Mon 2/29 120 Engr. Real-Time X-Ray Investigations of Nanoscale Surface Processes Karl Ludwig (Boston U)
Mon 3/7 120 Engr. What Stubs and Sparkles in Vast Vats of Liquid Will Tell Us About Exploding Stars Kate Scholberg (Duke)
Mon 3/14 N/A University Holiday No Speaker
Mon 3/21 120 Engr. Attoseconds aren’t just for electrons anymore Brett Esry (Kansas State)
Mon 3/28 120 Engr. Magnetic Polaron-Generated Giant Magnetic Fields in Magnetically Doped Colloidal Nanocrystals William Rice (Univ. of Wyoming)
Mon 4/4 120 Engr.  Cancelled No Speaker
Mon 4/11 120 Engr.  Adsorption Kinetics of Gases on Carbon Surfaces Maria Mercedes Calbi (DU)
Mon 4/18 120 Engr. Frictionless, Dispersive Hydrodynamics of Fluids and Ferromagnets Mark Hoefer (CU)
Mon 4/25 120 Engr. Dynamics in Cubic Skyrmion Materials Marc Janoschek (Los Alamos)
Mon 5/2 120 Engr. Ultrafast nano-imaging: probing matter on its natural time- and length-scales Markus Raschke (CU)
Mon 5/9 120 Engr. Exam Week No Speaker

Fall 2015

Colloquia will begin at 4:00. Refreshments are served at 3:45 (15 minutes prior to each colloquium).  Colloquium Chair; Walter Toki (

Date Place Title Speaker
Mon 8/24 120 Engr. Physics Dept Introductions Jacob Roberts (CSU)
Mon 8/31 120 Engr. PentaQuarks Walter Toki (CSU)
Mon 9/7 120 Engr. University Holiday No Speaker
Mon 9/14 120 Engr. Nanoscale Self-Organization Induced by Ion Bombardment of Solid Surfaces Mark Bradley (CSU)
Mon 9/21 120 Engr. The Most Perfect Fluid: Quark Gluon Plasma Jamie Nagle (CU)
Mon 9/28 120 Engr. Next Questions in Neutrino Physics and the NOvA Experiment Mark Messier (Indiana U)
Mon 10/5 120 Engr.  Observing the Invisible: Neutrino Detection Norm Buchanan (CSU)
Mon 10/12 120 Engr. The Muon g-2 Experiment at FNAL Fred Gray (Regis U)
Mon 10/19 120 Engr. The Quantum Phases of Matter Michael Hemele (CU)
Mon 10/26 BSB101 Special Public Evening Lecture; Light, Time, and Einstein’s Relativity  John Hall (NIST, Nobel Laureate), 7:30pm
Mon 11/2 120 Engr. Magnetic Nanowires: Revolutionizing Hard Drives, RAM, and Cancer Treatment Bethanie Stadler (U Minn)
Mon 11/9 120 Engr. Fukushima Daiichi Accident; Overview and Impact Thomas Johnson (CSU)
Mon 11/16 120 Engr. Ultrafast Element-Specific Magnetization Dynamics of Multi-Constituent Magnetic Materials by use of High-Harmonic Generation Justin Shaw (NIST)
Mon 11/23 120 Engr. University Holiday No Speaker
Mon 11/30 120 Engr. Supersolidity or Quantum Metallurgy? Alan Braslau (Commissariat à l’énergie atomique, CEA)
Mon 12/7 120 Engr. Precision Neutrino Beams and Neutrino Science Geoff Mills (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Spring 2015

Colloquia will begin at 4:00. Refreshments are served at 3:45 (15 minutes prior to each colloquium).

Date Room Title Speaker
Mon 1/26 120 Engr. The search for Majorana neutrinos with EXO-200 and nEXO Bill Fairbank (CSU)
Mon 2/2 120 Engr. High-L Rydberg levels with the RESIS method Steve Lundeen  (CSU)
Mon 2/9 120 Engr. Quantum Spin Ice and Emergent Electrodynamics Kate Ross (CSU)
Mon 2/20 120 Engr. Testing Standard Model Symmetries with Cold Antiprotons and Trapped Antihydrogen Gerald Gabrielse (Harvard)
Mon 2/23 120 Engr. Can CZTS Live up to its Promise? : Perspectives from Defect Spectroscopies Michael Scarpulla (U. Utah)
Mon 3/2 120 Engr. How I applied what I learned at CSU: Lidar at the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory Raul Alvarez (NCAR,Boulder)
Mon 3/9 120 Engr. Microwave Near-Field Imaging of Low-Dimensional Systems Pavel Kabos (NIST, Boulder)
Mon 3/16 Spring Break  No Speaker
Mon 3/23 120 Engr. Super-Repellent Surfaces: Design & Applications Arun Kota (Mech. Engr. CSU)
Mon 3/30 120 Engr.  CSU Physics students only Students: Chris Rich (Chem); Grant Riley (Physics); Sanaz Sadegh (ECE/Bio); Ilya Kuznetsov (ECE)
Mon 4/6 120 Engr. The Current State of Spin-Torque Magnetic Memories: An Insider Viewpoint Michael Schneider (NIST, Boulder)
Mon 4/13 120 Engr. Reforming Introductory Physics Instruction at a Research University: The Illinois Experience Gary Gladding (U. Illinois)
Mon 4/20 120 Engr. Spin Orbit Torques in Magnetic/Nonmagnetic Bilayers Prof. Xin Fan (Univ of Denver)
Mon 4/27 120 Engr. Controlling Ultrafast Spatio-temporal Dynamics with Spatial Chirp Charles Durfee (Colorado School of Mines)
Mon 5/4 120 Engr. NOvA: The (Weak) Force is Strong with this One Luke Corwin (South Dakota School of Mines)