Spring 2019

Colloquia will begin at 4:00. Except for the 1/28 colloquium, refreshments are served at 3:45 (15 minutes prior to each colloquium).

Colloquium Chair: Martin Gelfand (


Date Place Title Speaker
 Mon 1/28 372 Lory Student Center Quantum Magnonics in V[TCNE]2 Ezekiel Johnston‐Halperin
(Ohio State University)
 Mon 2/4  120 Engr. No speaker
 Mon 2/11  120 Engr. Resistance is Not Futile- Pinning Down Elusive Vortices in Superconductors Serena Eley (Colorado School of Mines)
 Mon 2/18  120 Engr. Ground State Selection in Quantum Pyrochlore Magnets Bruce Gaulin (McMaster University)
 Mon 2/25  120 Engr. No speaker
 Mon 3/4  120 Engr. Exploiting Molecular Vibrations to Visualize Chemical Structure & Dynamics in Advanced Materials Amber Krummel (CSU)
 Mon 3/11  120 Engr. How Metal Halide Perovskite Semiconductors could Transform the Solar Industry Michael McGehee (CU-Boulder)
 Mon 3/18  120 Engr. Spring break No speaker
 Mon 3/25  120 Engr. No speaker
 Mon 4/1  120 Engr. Kazuhiro Terao (SLAC)
 Mon 4/8  120 Engr. Jeff Kimble (Caltech)
 Mon 4/15  120 Engr. Roger Culver (CSU)
 Mon 4/22  120 Engr. Yayoi Takamura (UC-Davis)
 Mon 4/29  120 Engr. Kate Scholberg (Duke)
 Mon 5/6  120 Engr. Gary Feldman (Harvard)



Fall 2018

Colloquia will begin at 4:00. Refreshments are served at 3:45 (15 minutes prior to each colloquium).

Colloquium Chair: Jake Roberts (


Date Place Title Speaker
 Mon 8/20  120 Engr. Meet ‘n’ Greet Jacob Roberts  (Physics Dept. Chair)
 Mon 8/27  120 Engr. Frequency Combs for Precise Atmospheric Measurement Ian Coddington (NIST)
 Mon 9/10  120 Engr. The Contrast Problem in Biological Electron Microscopy Chris Ackerson (CSU)
 Mon 9/17  120 Engr. Imaging of Individual Barium Atoms in Solid Xenon for the nEXO Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Experiment Bill Fairbank (CSU)
 Mon 9/24  120 Engr. From Fort Collins to England to Chicago- Choosing My Own Adventure in Computational Stellar Astrophysics and Outreach Maria Weber (The University of Chicago & Adler Planetarium)
 Mon 10/1  120 Engr. Technological and Human Challenges of Finding Gas Leaks in Cities Joseph von Fischer (CSU)
 Mon 10/8  120 Engr. Magnetic Properties of Hybrid Systems Jose de la Venta (CSU)
 Mon 10/15  120 Engr. Spin helical transport in 3D topological insulators Jifa Tian (University of Wyoming)
 Mon 10/22  120 Engr. Looking at life through randomness Susanta Sarkar (Colorado School of Mines)
 Mon 10/29  120 Engr. No Speaker
 Mon 11/5  120 Engr. Why should we care about Topological Quantum Computer Kang Wang (UCLA)
 Mon 11/12  120 Engr. Understanding the Solar System Through the In Situ Detection and Analysis of Cosmic Dust Particles  Zoltan Sternovsky (University of Colorado-LASP)
 Mon 11/19  120 Engr. No Speaker
 Mon 11/26  120 Engr.   No Speaker
 Mon 12/3  120 Engr. No Speaker


Spring 2018

Colloquia will begin at 4:00. Refreshments are served at 3:45 (15 minutes prior to each colloquium).

Colloquium Chair: Stuart Field (


Date Place Title Speaker
 Mon 1/22  120 Engr. Meet ‘n’ Greet Jacob Roberts  (Physics Dept. Chair)
 Mon 1/29  120 Engr. One-Sun Multijunction Photovoltaics Richard King (Arizona State University
 Mon 2/5  120 Engr. Ferroelastic Modulation and the Bloch formalism Angelo Mascarenhas (NREL)
 Mon 2/12  120 Engr. Photocurrent Mapping of Ultra-Thin Liquid Junction Solar Cells Justin Sambur (CSU)
 Mon 2/19  120 Engr. Computational and experimental force multipliers for the discovery of new thermoelectric materials Eric Toberer (Colorado School of Mines)
 Mon 2/26  120 Engr.  Science and Detectors of the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment Elizabeth Worcester (Brookhaven National Lab)
 Mon 3/5  120 Engr. Reverberation Mapping of Active Galactic Nuclei Mike Brotherton (University of Wyoming)
 Mon 3/12  120 Engr.  Spring Break No Speaker
 Mon 3/19  120 Engr. Designing Quantum Matter with Superconducting Nanowires Nina Markovic (Goucher College)
 Mon 3/26  120 Engr. Optical Frequency Metrology and Low Noise Microwave Generation with Optical Frequency Combs Josue Davila-Roderiguez (NIST)
 Mon 4/2  120 Engr. Moiré Patterns in van der Waals Heterojunctions  Alan MacDonald (University of Texas- Austin)
 Mon 4/9  120 Engr. Intense Laser-Driven Ion Beams- the Science of How They’re Made & Their Applications  Juan Fernandez (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
 Mon 4/16  120 Engr.  Progress in Halide Perovskite Solar Cells- Insights on active layers and interfaces relating to stability  Joe Berry (NREL)
 Mon 4/23  120 Engr.  The Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search detectors- pushing to lower thresholds in search of an answer   Amy Roberts (University of Colorado- Denver)
 Mon 4/30  120 Engr. A Journey Through Magnetic Memory Karine Chesnel (BYU)


Fall 2017

Colloquia will begin at 4:00. Refreshments are served at 3:45 (15 minutes prior to each colloquium).

Colloquium Chair: Jose de la Venta (

Date Place Title Speaker
Mon 8/21  120 Engr. Cancelled due to Eclipse  Jacob Roberts (Physics Dept Chair)
Mon 8/28  120 Engr. Ultrafine Grained Precipitation Hardened Aluminum Alloy  Kaka Ma (CSU ME) 
Mon 9/4  120 Engr.  Labor Day  No Speaker
Mon 9/11  120 Engr. Relativistic Nanoscale Ultrahigh Energy Density Physics  Jorge Rocca (CSU ECE)
Mon 9/18  120 Engr.   Many Body Localization and Thermalization   Rahul Nandkishore (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Mon 9/25  120 Engr. Controlling Materials at the Nanoscale with Ion Migration  Dustin Gilbert (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Mon 10/2  120 Engr. Enabling High Energy Physics through Modern Computing  Andrew Norman (Fermilab)
Mon 10/9  120 Engr.   Chalcogenide Compounds as Emerging Semiconducting Materials  Hao Zeng (SUNY Buffalo)
Mon 10/16  120 Engr.  A Research-Validated Approach to Transforming Upper-Division Physics Courses  Steve Pollock (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Mon 10/23  120 Engr. Preparation and Coherent Manipulation of Pure Quantum States of a Single Molecular Ion Dietrich Leibfried (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Mon 10/30  120 Engr. How Can You Cool a Molecule to near absolute zero – and why would you want to?    Michael Morrison (University of Oklahoma)
Mon 11/6  120 Engr. Search for Charge-Parity Violation in Neutrino Oscillations and Recent T2K Results    Walter Toki (CSU Physics)
Mon 11/13  Lory Student Center 350AB The Route from Fundamental Science to Innovation Albert Fert (Nobel Laureate) at 7:00 PM
Tues 11/14 120 Engr. Recent Advances on Magnetic Skyrmions Albert Fert (Nobel Laureate) at 5:00 PM
Mon 11/20  120 Engr.  Fall Break – Thanksgiving No speaker
Mon 11/27  120 Engr. More than Moore    Meenakshi Singh (Colorado School of Mines)
Mon 12/4  120 Engr. Nanoscale Surface Patterning by Non-Equilibrium Self-Assembly of Ion-Induced Vacancies and Ad-Atoms  Stefan Facsko (Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf)